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Or are you just creating maps? Please answer the question. You sir, are a legend. Maybe vanilla private servers  How to get from Ironforge to Stormwind, Vanilla WoW How to get to Stormwind from Ironforge WoW. How to get to Stormwind from Ironforge WoW. How to get from Stormwind to Ironforge, Vanilla WoW. How to get from Stormwind to Ironforge, Vanilla WoW. This is how to get to the portal that takes you from Stormwind to Ironforge.

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At the midway Rarely, a passenger might catch sight of the threshadon, Nessy. A collection of Minorou's vanilla World of Warcraft animated wallpapers, made in anticipation for World of Warcraft Classic. Each wallpaper was recorded, edited to make as seamless a loop as possib. WoW Classic: Ironforge - The Great Forge WoW Classic: Waterfalls of Azeroth - Behind Stormwind. Ack vilken noob jag var då men fyfan vad roligt jag hade när jag sprang runt i Ironforge och Stormwind på mina olika smågubbar.

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Så min fråga är alltså: Finns  Du kommer ungefär hinna fram och tillbaka mellan Stormwind och Ironforge. on November 8, giving BlizzCon attendees a chance to check it out again once they get back home. Saknar min retripala från vanilla som inte kunde göra något.

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Past the dam and through the passage onward to the Wetlands and Menthil Harbor.

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I can't recall how to get to Wetlands, but I know it involves going through Ironforge. Ironforge and Stormwind are roughly north/south of each other, and there's no major body of water between them. Yet the tram, according to the minimap, runs due east/west. Also, it seems to either run through the ocean in the middle, or else the gnomes built a giant aquarium containing life-sized ship wrecks and sharks.
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Head to Stormwind and take the tram. The tram is located in a tunnel in the Dwarven district. 3.


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World of Warcraft Classic Night Elves who want to make the trip to Stormwind ahead of schedule can use this guide to get from Darnassus to Stormwind.

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The tram is located in a tunnel in the Dwarven district. 3. Head out of Ironforge via the only gate, and head along the path EAST. Eventually, and I do mean *eventually*, you'll end up where you can't go straight any more. 2011-01-29 Either fly from Stormwind to the town of Darkshire in Duskwood or run southeast to get there (you can safely do this around level 20). You can also follow the road south from the Redridge Mountains. Follow the road south from Darkshire and turn west with the road.

Ask in Trade chat or General chat for a mage player to make you a portal there. 2009-04-07 · im lv 29 paladin human. I need to get to wet lands . Im in stormwind. How do i get to wetlands.